New Attractions coming to the Smoky Mountains in 2019 – Part 2

There is a melting pot of new things to do, from pirate shows to pinball machines from the Civil War to the National Enquirer. Continuing on from our last post, here are just a few of the new attractions coming to Smoky Mountains in 2019 (Part 2).

Dolly Parton’s Pirates Voyage Dinner And Show

Dolly Parton Selects The Great Smoky Mountains For Second Pirates Voyage Dinner And Show. The Water Spectacular is Slated to Open in Spring 2019

Keep an eye to the spyglass, mateys; Dolly’s pirates will be searching for treasure in the Great Smoky Mountains, this summer!

After nearly a decade of rave reviews and financial success on the Carolina coast, Parton’s newest Pirates Voyage dinner attraction is slated to open in the spring.

When complete, the 21,000 square foot arena, adjacent to The Island in Pigeon Forge, will be the stage for Crimson and Sapphire pirates that battle on deck, in the water and in the sky above their full-sized pirate ships in a 15-foot-deep indoor lagoon. Spectacular acrobatic competitions, live animals and an original music score by Dolly Parton and Mark Brymer creates an immersive adventure experience all while guests enjoy a spectacular five-course pirate feast.

Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Not just another mountain coaster; an entire family experience and one of the exciting new attractions coming to Smoky Mountains in 2019 ! Sitting on over 20 acres of beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery, this coaster features plenty of tunnels, curves, and 360 degree turns. Reaching speeds of up to 30 mph, this attraction is projected to set records as the longest coaster in East Tennessee….over 9 minutes long. With four uplifts and four drops you;’ll have four times the fun at Rocky Top Mountain Coaster.

You’ll want to come visit after nightfall where the magnificent lights will guide you thru a thrill packed excursion: an experience that will stay with you long after the ride is over! Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is something both the young and senior in age can enjoy. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is located across from Dollywood on Veterans Boulevard.

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater

Dixie is calling, step back into 1864 at the Buttonwood Civil War Theater. Billed as American history with Southern humor this production tells the story of a die-hard Tennessee Unionist as he runs into his Confederate Cousin; both struggle to understand the others viewpoint as to how to save the South.

Steve Gipson leads the show with a determined Unionist attitude and a zeal to protect his Granddaddy’s Union.  Race Gipson stands his ground and will not give an inch to the northern invaders who threaten his farm.

The production is called “Grandaddy’s Watch” with a story that will open your minds and with an ending that will leave you in awe.

Buttonwood Civil War Theater is located at 2135 Parkway in Pigeon Forge.

Gatlinburg Pinball Museum

Here is one of the more unique new attractions coming to Smoky Mountains in 2019. The largest Collection of Pinball’s & Retro Games in the Smokies! The history of a museum meets the fun of an arcade.

The best kind of museum is one where you can play with the exhibits. The Gatlinburg Pinball Museum’s goal is to provide their guests a fun, informative experience by sharing their love and passion for pinball. The museum collection includes mostly Limited Editions from both modern times and dating back to the 1960’s!

Some of our pinballs include: Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, Lord of the Rings, Metallica, Dialed In, The Addams Family Gold Edition, The Walking Dead, the 1965 classic Gottlieb Sky-Line, and many more!

Admission is $15 for adults and $12 for children age 10 & under. Unlimited game play all day on all pinball’s and retro games. No coins or tokens required!

Located off the Parkway on Historic Nature Trail, just past the Space Needle.


The National Enquirer Museum

The National Enquirer Museum is one of larger name new attractions coming to Smoky Mountains in 2019. “It’s not about reading, it’s more about the experience,” explains one of the people aiming to bring to Pigeon Forge the first of a number of themed attractions planned by AMI, Inc.’s National Enquirer.

Among the plans for the attraction is an interactive exhibit that will allow visitors to create their own Enquirer-style headlines and share them on social media. Bringing you a fresh, exciting new interactive adventure with cutting edge technology in June 2019!! Guaranteed fun for ages 8 – 80!

The Enquirer project is attached to the former site of the Smoky Mountain Jubilee, a live performance family attraction closed in early 2009 (2115 Parkway), on the north end of town.

More to come…New attractions coming to Smoky Mountains in 2019

These are just a few of the new attractions coming to the Smoky Mountains in 2019.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting more of the the new dining establishments coming to the area….stay tuned!!

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