The Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney.

The Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney.

Let me start out by saying I’m not a Disney basher, quite the opposite I’m a Disney admirer.  I admire the attention to detail, the cleanliness, the escapism and how they pull it all together in a really nice package.  It’s brilliant, it’s well executed and it’s expensive.  This year’s new tax code has taken many Americans by surprise in how much smaller their tax returns have been.  Suddenly Disney is probably out of the question this year.  But let me offer up that the Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney and here are the reasons why.


Easier to get to.

The Smoky Mountains are within a one day’s drive of half of the US population. Think about that, half of the country could travel to the Smokies for less than $100 in fuel. Plus, by driving yourself your car is with you, so you also save on a car rental. So, from a travel cost savings standpoint the Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney.


The Lodging Experience

OK, being fair to both sides, Disney has a wide variety of lodging options as does the Smoky Mountains area.  But we’re a cabin company and Disney does have cabin rentals available in a wide variety of sizes and options.  This is a great place to go head to head and I don’t mean with those mobile homes Disney is trying to pass off as a cabin I’m talking about the new cabins at Copper Creek. This is where the Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney.

Let’s say four of you are going on vacation and you’re looking for a two bedroom cabin.  The dates I picked are not peak season for either of us: November 4th thru November 8th.

Cabin at Copper Creek – 1 King Bed and 1 Queen Bed and 1 Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa and 1 Single Pull Down Bed and 1 Twin-Size Sleeper Chair (Sounds comfy?) – Sleeps up to 8 Adults.


And the price of this accommodation?  Without a park ticket or dining package this cabin will run you $9,522.00 for the 5 days  add the 1-park per day ticket and the price jumps to $11,472.20.


Add the deluxe dining package (3-meals plus snacks) and the price climbs again to $13,322.12.

Disney dining plan

Welcome to the Smokies!

Welcome to the Smokies!  Again the Smokies have a wide variety of lodging options from hotels to condos to cabins of varying levels.

Our cabin Dancing Bearfoot is considered a luxury level two bedroom cabin, 1 King Bed and 1 Queen Bed and 1 Queen-Size Sleeper Sofa and it sleeps 6 people. Admittedly we don’t have the sleeping chair or a pull down single bed. But unlike the cabin at Copper Creek, Dancing Bearfoot is an authentic log cabin.


And our price for the same number of days?


Just the price difference in accommodations of $8335.00 shows the Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney.  So put that money back in the bank.  Just the price of going to one park at Disney will cost you $1950 or $390 per day.  Let’s see what we can do for that money over the same period of time at the Smokies.


Dollywood Theme Park

Spanning 150 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains, Dollywood offers more than 40 world class rideshigh-energy entertainmentaward-winning dining and the friendliest park atmosphere in the world! They even received an award for being so friendly! A one day ticket to Dollywood will cost you $74.00 per person or $296 for the 4 of you!  You just saved another $94.  On the bright side you won’t hear “It’s a Small World” one single time!

Rafting in the Smokies


The upper section of the Pigeon River boasts 12 Class III and 3 Class IV thrilling whitewater rapids! Accompanied by one of Rafting in the Smokies friendly, professional river guides, you’ll be escorted down 5.5 miles of lively rapids with equally engaging nicknames such as Too Late, Vegamatic, Razor Blade, After Shave, and Lost Guide. No Experience Necessary!

The scenery surrounding the upper and lower sections of the Pigeon River is just as breathtaking as the rapids.  This scenery is God made not man made!  At only $42.00 per person for the raft trip you can add on their ziplines for another $39.00 bringing your days total for four people to $324.00, again saving you another $66.00 a day over Disney.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Ready to save some real money?  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is free.  It’s the only national park without a fee to enter.  Spectacular views,  fantastic waterfalls, historical buildings and incredible wildlife….and it’s real wildlife not anamatronic or a person in a suit!

They may have a mouse but the park service has a bear!


A Walk in he Woods

If you’re a bit leery of heading out into the park on your own we’ve partnered with a great guide service called A Walk in the Woods.  Half days excursions are only about $216 for a party of four.  You’ll learn about the park at a whole new level, seeing things most people just walk by.

What to do next?

Right there above is three days of activities and you’ve only spent $836.00 you still have another $1100.00 to go just to equal the price of the Disney park ticket again showing the Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney. So where next?  Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies?  The Titanic Museum? Ankeesta?

Maybe one of the many new mountain coasters or go-cart tracks or miniature golf courses.  The point is in the Smoky Mountains area you have plenty of options.

I’ve probably gone on too long and I haven’t even touched on how to spend that whopping $372.00 per day on food.  Hopefully you get the idea that you don’t need to spend over $13,000 on a family vacation that you’ll remember for a lifetime. The Smoky Mountains are a great alternative to Disney and at a fraction of the price.

Come on down and make some memories of your own!

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Thank you for reading.  If you’d like to learn more about our cabin or other great things to see while visiting the Smoky Mountains please visit us at Dancing Bearfoot.com.



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