COVID-19 and the Smokies

Hello Everyone- I’m Chuck Schmidt and I am the Outsider.  I wish I was talking about all the great things you can do in the Smokies Mountains area. In fact, I’m actually talking about the opposite this blog is about COVID-19 and the Smokies . Boy I wish I was talking about a happier topic. 

The facts are for all practical purposes the Smoky Mountains area is closed.  Most of the attractions are closed, the dinner shows are closed the restaurants are curbside pick up only for those that are sill open.  As for the national park most roads and trails are closed.  It’s amazing there were still 30,000 visitors a day coming into the park last week up until they closed.  Cades Cove and New Found Gap were overloaded. They had to close the park for the public’s well-being. Too many people are ignoring the warnings.

Local leaders in Sevier County have published messages for would-be visitors the area regarding COVID-19 and the Smokies : Stay away during the coronavirus pandemic.

A letter posted Friday afternoon to the city of Gatlinburg’s Facebook page. “Again, we know you love visiting Gatlinburg, but for now we’re asking that you put those plans on hold and stay home and keep you and your family safe,”

“Sevier County Mayor Larry Walters – we’re asking that you put your vacation plans on hold. We know you want to be in Sevier County and you know how much we enjoy having you here. But for the safety of your family and ours, please stay at home.

Pigeon Forge Mayor David Wear asks you to stay home.  “For now, it’s just not the time. When the time is right we’ll be here to welcome you with open arms.”

Most of the large events, the rod runs, corvette expo and others have been rescheduled. Dollywood has delayed their opening.  I’m honestly not sure all the activities you can do down here right now other than some driving tours and spending time relaxing in your cabin.

I’m a cabin owner and as much as it pains me to say this, please stay home.  Let’s keep you, your family and the Smokies healthy.  We’ll all be here in the future when the time is right.

Here are a helpful link as to the current situation involving COVID-19 and the Smokies:

I will start dropping episodes about all the new things to do in the Smokies in the not too distant future but for right now.  Please stay home. Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.

If this is your fist time coming to the Smokies and renting a cabin check out out blog post in what to look for when renting a log cabin.

Thank you for reading.  If you’d like to learn more about our cabin or other great things to see while visiting the Smoky Mountains please visit us at Dancing Bearfoot.com.

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